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2001—2010: System Partner

2001Acquisition of a holding in Brockhaus Soehne GmbH
Acquisition of the Tennex Group—now MAHLE Filter Systems Japan Corporation, with filter plants in Japan, the Philippines, the USA, and England
FERROCOMP® large-bore pistons go into series production
Air intake module for gasoline engine with variable length control
2002Establishment of MAHLE-ACL Piston Products Pty Ltd.—now MAHLE Engine Components Australia Pty Ltd., Australia
First plastic oil filter for passenger car diesel engines
First ECOFORM® pistons for passenger car gasoline engines
Series production of plastic cylinder head covers
2003Establishment of ZNF Maschinenfabrik Spandau as a majority joint venture with BMW for camshaft production—now 100% MAHLE Ventiltrieb Brandenburg GmbH
First MAHLE engine (3-cylinder racing engine for Formula SAE)
2004Sound generator for air intake systems of pressure charged engines
Acquisition of Schmiedewerk Rosswein GmbH in Saxony—now part of MAHLE Brockhaus GmbH
Acquisition of the filters division of Shanghai Filter Factory—now part of MAHLE Shanghai Filter Systems Co., Ltd.
2005Acquisition of Cosworth Technology Ltd. with locations in the UK and USA—now MAHLE Powertrain Ltd.
First all-plastic complete oil filter module
Establishment of the filter plant MAHLE Componente de Motor SRL in Timisoara/Romania
Start of series production of a new three-stage resonance air intake module
Acquisition of shares in Anand Automotive Systems Group Purolator India Ltd.
Complete takeover of Brockhaus Soehne GmbH—now MAHLE Brockhaus GmbH, Germany
Expansion of the research and development center in Farmington Hills (Detroit)/USA
2006Acquisition of the activated carbon canister activities of Behr in the USA
CamInCam® camshaft
Acquisition of Norddeutsche Filter Vertriebs GmbH—now MAHLE NFV GmbH and AKO Filter GmbH—now MAHLE AKO GmbH
World's first electric disk separator
New aftermarket logistics center opened in Krotoszyn/Poland
New research and development center opened in Shanghai
Series production of plastic cylinder head covers with integrated oil mist separation and pressure regulation
Expansion of the aftermarket activities with the foundation of MAHLE Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and MAHLE Trading Japan Co., Ltd.
Start of development activities for exhaust gas turbochargers for gasoline and diesel engines
2007Majority joint venture MAHLE Tri-Ring Valve Train (Hubei) Co., Ltd. in Macheng/China
Acquisition of Edival S.A. in Argentina—now MAHLE Argentina S.A.
DLC-coated piston pins
Acquisition of the engine hard parts business of the Dana Corporation, USA
Purchase of Promotora de Industrias Mecánicas, S.A. de C.V. (Promec) in Mexico
MONOXCOMP® and EVOTEC® pistons
Two-stage diesel fuel filter with integrated water separation
Acquisition of the intake modules and air filtration business segment of Siemens VDO Automotive
Foundation of the joint venture MAHLE India Pistons Ltd. under the industrial and technological leadership of MAHLE
Downsizing engine as a technology demonstrator
Valves for exhaust gas recirculation
2008Research and development center opened in Jundiaí near São Paulo
Majority acquisition of the Turkish engine components manufacturer Mopisan—now MAHLE Mopisan Izmir A.S. and MAHLE Mopisan Konya A.S.
Establishment of Bosch Mahle Turbo Systems GmbH & Co. KG as a 50/50 joint venture for the development and production of exhaust gas turbochargers
Majority joint venture MAHLE Hirschvogel Forjas S.A./Brazil for expanding the production of connecting rods and other engine components
Purchase of Clemex de México, S.A. de C.V. in order to strengthen the passenger car bearings and bushings business in the North American market
EGR valve ready to go into series production
Opening of new exhibition building "MAHLE Inside" in Stuttgart/Germany
2009Bosch Mahle Turbo Systems: completion of the new production plant for turbochargers in St. Michael ob Bleiburg/Austria
Acquisition of KTM-Kühler
2010MAHLE day-care center in Stuttgart is opened
First high-volume orders for exhaust as turbochargers for Bosch Mahle Systems
Majority of shares in Behr Industry acquired
MAHLE and Behr sign share agreement


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