Research & development centers | Tokyo

Tokyo, Okegawa/Japan

Tech center Tokyo, Okegawa

The Japanese Tech Center in Okegawa benefits from its proximity to the production locations of automobile and engine manufacturers that are also in the greater Tokyo area. With short, fast communication to customers, optimal solutions can be tailored to meet the requirements of the market, which is focused on heavy duty applications. This Tech Center is a specialist in the development of piston systems. Eight fired engine test benches are part of the basic equipment.

Tokyo, Kawagoe/Japan

Tech center Tokyo, Kawagoe

The second Japanese Tech Center in Kawagoe performs research and development work in fields ranging from air management to fuel management to oil management in the areas of filtration and engine peripherals. Besides the location in Bad Cannstatt, it is the most important development location for the Filtration and Engine Peripherals business unit, housing critical competence technologies for the Group. Again, the first R&D activities of the new business unit Thermal Management will be established and expanded for Japanese customers in 2014.