Local Management

Shinya Banno

  • Vice President, Sales & Application Engineering, Asia without China
  • Vice President, MAHLE Japan Ltd.

Curriculum Vitae [PDF; 70 KB]

Dr. Christian Binkert

  • Vice President, Finance, Accounting and IT, Asia-Pacific
  • Representative Director, MAHLE Japan Ltd.

Ivan A. Lenehan

  • Vice President, Engine Systems & Components, Asia Pacific
  • President, MAHLE Engine Components Japan Corp.

Curriculum Vitae [PDF; 55 KB]

Yasuhiro Kinoshita

  • Vice President, Filtration and Engine Peripherals, Asia1
  • President & Representative Director, MAHLE Filter Systems Japan Corp.

Curriculum Vitae [PDF; 73 KB]

Joachim Baczewski

  • Vice President, Thermal Management Asia1
  • Representative Director, MAHLE Behr Japan K.K.

Kiyoyasu Kawakami

  • Director & General Manager, Electronics & Mechatronics, Japan
  • Representative Director, MAHLE Electric Drives Japan Corp.

Didem Ekiz

  • Representative Director and General Manager, MAHLE Trading Japan Co., Ltd.

Curriculum Vitae [PDF; 104 KB]