Development of electrically driven auxiliaries in the automotive industry calls for increasing reliability, comfort, safety, energy efficiency, and ecology.

High technological expertise and competitive products characterize MAHLE as a global player and development supplier of electric motors for the most demanding segments of the automotive industry. MAHLE is continuously improving its mechatronic systems design by implementing new technologies and marketing new materials and components.

Motors for electric pumps

Pumps for water (or other liquids) are driven by electric motors. These can be used in wet or dry rotor environments. More controlled flow of coolant, reduction of fuel consumption and pollution (CO2), longer pump life, and quieter operation are some of the advantages found in new, modern, hybrid and electric passenger cars with electrically driven water pumps. Highly innovative rotor protection for operation in liquid is used in the motor design to ensure reliable, long-life operation.

Motors for electric brake boosters (EBB)

For brake boosting with an electric motor instead of a vacuum, MAHLE offers a 12 V mounted SPM BLDC motor. The motor is specifically designed for the needs of an electric brake booster (EBB). The scalable torque output makes it possible to meet individual customer requirements while featuring a robust design and high power density.