Integrated powertrain solutions from a single source

Powertrains with very high specific output and very low consumption and emissions levels have driven us for decades. MAHLE provides comprehensive engineering and systems competence around the world for the engine, the complete powertrain, and for the overall vehicle and all its significant functions. We cover the entire range of development—from the concept to the new design of complete engines to the application and testing of prototype vehicles. We can handle all development tasks for our customers in the areas of reducing fuel consumption and emissions, drivability, and electronics applications—electronic engine controls and diagnostics. Comprehensive, competent, and highly efficient.

In a global network with MAHLE research and development centers, the MAHLE Powertrain Engineering Service unit is additionally working on innovative solutions for new engine and drive concepts as part of fundamental research and development, in an effort to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Examples include downsizing, turbocharging, the range extender, hybridization, alternative (bio) fuels, exhaust gas aftertreatment, and optimization of engine-internal friction and tribology.

The number of direct development projects for third-party customers around the world is also steadily rising, demonstrating that this groundbreaking step was the right move. Development tasks from outside the direct automotive industry are part of the mix.

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